HOW ARE MADE MY creatures

My work process


Materials & Tools

I use all kinds of materials to make my creations, mainly platinum silicone,but I also work with other materials such as resins ,foam and papier mâché.

Some of my dolls are entirely made of silicone and others have a foam body and poseable armature


Design & Sculpting

I start by sketching some ideas on paper. This early stage is essential as it helps establish the foundational characteristics and personality for each creation.

My creations are modeled in clay; I do not use 3D printing. Each design is unique, enriched with personal touches. The tactile properties of clay enable me to hand-sculpt detailed textures and features.

I also offer custom orders where I can create a unique character based on your ideas or drawings.

molding the final piece

Mold & Cast

To make the final piece in platinum silicone, I first create a mold from the original clay figure. Once the mold is made, I can cast several pieces from it, each retaining the quality and detail of the original.

Platinum silicone, the material I choose for these casts, is exceptional in its qualities. It mimics the texture and flexibility of human skin, making it stretchy and supple, yet it’s incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. This choice helps ensure that each crafted piece not only looks realistic but is also robust enough to endure over time.

dressing & colors

Paint & Clothing

Dolls are meticulously hand painted using specialized pigments that are specifically formulated for adherence to silicone. 

The clothes are also made by me, I use all kinds of fabrics and techniques such as embroidery or stencil

the last step

Finishing details

For additional details like hair, I use materials such as felt or high-quality synthetic hair, which provide a variety of styles and textures.

I work with Fimo or other modeling pastes to craft small ornaments.

I make all the dolls with careful attention to every detail, from the first sculpting steps to the final assembly. Each doll is packaged with care to ensure it arrives in excellent condition.

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Made to order & Estimated Shipping Info

  • I usually don’t have any items in stock, otherwise there is a “STOCK” tag on the photo.
  • When you buy something in my store, you pay a commission to make a copy of the item that is in the photos.
  • Each of my items is completely handmade.
  • I can send you photos before shipping if you want, just contact me!
  • All products made to order have an estimated shipping time. This is the time I need to make the doll once the purchase is done.
  • Once the shipment has been made, a shipment tracking number will be provided with the data and the estimated delivery date.
  • I will send it as certified express delivery (DHL express)
  • Shipping takes between 4-7 days, depending on the country of destination