Baby Ogre Realistic Silicone Art Doll





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Full body silicone baby Ogre / baby Shrek


····· This item is MADE TO ORDER ·····


This is a totally handmade baby ogre doll made of platinum silicone, with a very realistic, soft and smooth touch.

····· This item is MADE TO ORDER ·· 

* The doll that appears in the photographs has been sold *

Due to this, there may be variations in skin color, I will try to make him as similar to the pics.

If you want any customization please contact me 🙂
It´s possible to change the color of its eyes, skin and even add some hair on its head

Height: 29 cm / 11.5 Inches

He has some ogre clothes

*Limited edition*

This piece is not a toy, suitable for enthusiasts and collectors.

You will receive him well packaged and I´ll send him to you by express shipment

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!

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Why is there a waiting period for receiving my order?

Each doll or creature is individually handcrafted by me, involving a meticulous and laborious process. I handle every aspect of the creation process on my own. The waiting time varies depending on the current volume of orders.

I appreciate your patience and want to assure you that the quality and uniqueness of each doll will make the wait worthwhile.

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  • Each of my items is completely handmade.
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