Baby Cthulhu Realistic Silicone Art Doll





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Realistic Baby Cthulhu Art Doll, meticulously crafted from platinum silicone.

····· This item is MADE TO ORDER ·····


Baby Cthulhu full Silicone Doll / 5 month wait

This is a unique version of the mythical creature Cthulhu, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. Every detail is 100% handmade, designed, sculpted, poured in platinum silicone and painted by me to bring this little horror creature to life.

Weight 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs). 27 cm (11 inches) high
····· This item is MADE TO ORDER ···

Please note that as each piece is individually handcrafted there may be slight variations from the photographs. However, the goal is to offer a Baby Cthulhu that is as close as possible to the design depicted.
Do you want a different color combination for the skin or eyes? Just get in touch for customization options!

This Baby Cthulhu is a substantial addition to any collection. Please note that this piece is not a toy, but rather a realistic creature suitable for horror and mythical creature enthusiasts and collectors.

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Why is there a waiting period for receiving my order?

Each doll or creature is individually handcrafted by me, involving a meticulous and laborious process. I handle every aspect of the creation process on my own. The waiting time varies depending on the current volume of orders.

I appreciate your patience and want to assure you that the quality and uniqueness of each doll will make the wait worthwhile.

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  • When you buy something in my store, you pay a commission to make a copy of the item that is in the photos.
  • Each of my items is completely handmade.
  • I can send you photos before shipping if you want, just contact me!
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  • Once the shipment has been made, a shipment tracking number will be provided with the data and the estimated delivery date.
  • I will send it as certified express delivery (DHL express)
  • Shipping takes between 4-7 days, depending on the country of destination

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