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Frequently Asked Questions

Each doll or creature is individually handcrafted by me, involving a meticulous and laborious process. I handle every aspect of the creation process on my own. The waiting time varies depending on the current volume of orders.

I appreciate your patience and want to assure you that the quality and uniqueness of each doll will make the wait worthwhile.

Absolutely. If it’s within my abilities and your budget, I’m willing to try to do just about anything (within reason).

Many of the creatures in my shop were originally requested by clients as the custom order. I highly appreciate my customer’s creativity which also helps me make new beautiful creations.

I will answer any questions, take feedback and try to work with you. For more information, please contact me

I have worked with very diverse materials: resins, papier mache, latex, foam… but my last works are initially sculpted on Monsterclay, then moulded in silicone, and then cast in platinum silicone, before painting and hair punching

I will try to make your item as close as possible to the photo, I can send you photos during the process.

I will send you a personalized care letter inside your package detailing the care of your item

Once your doll is finished, I will inform you of the shipment and the estimated delivery date

Yes, you can return the item, please visit the Returns policy section

If there is a problem with your order, please contact me first to find a solution

Of course I can gift wrap it and add a personalized note if you want Add your comments when ordering  

Any questions? Contact me

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, requests or comments.

Request a quote for custom order

Made to order & Estimated Shipping Info

  • I usually don’t have any items in stock, otherwise there is a “STOCK” tag on the photo.
  • When you buy something in my store, you pay a commission to make a copy of the item that is in the photos.
  • Each of my items is completely handmade.
  • I can send you photos before shipping if you want, just contact me!
  • All products made to order have an estimated shipping time. This is the time I need to make the doll once the purchase is done.
  • Once the shipment has been made, a shipment tracking number will be provided with the data and the estimated delivery date.
  • I will send it as certified express delivery (DHL express)
  • Shipping takes between 4-7 days, depending on the country of destination